Legal Relationship Test

ISO 17025 Fully accredited test for recognition in law courts and government departments
We can test if you are biologicaly related for inheritance purposes
If any of the participants is under 16 years of age we will require legal consent from the guardians
  • Court approved NATA Accredited DNA Test
  • Results in 8 business days (from the reception of the samples in the lab)
  • Affordable Legal DNA Test

$799 Per Test


DNA Solutions Grand-Parentage test will give you a definite answer on whether or not you are biologically related to your grandson/granddaughter.  DNA Solutions uses the latest techniques to give you the most accurate result in the quickest turnaround time, only 8 business days. To obtain the highest statistical result we recommend testing the grandson/granddaughter’s sample and, both grandparents’ samples as well as the mother’s sample, if possible. Testing these samples you will be aiming to the highest statistical and most accurate result.


NOTE: To have the Mother’s DNA sample (from both or either sibling) drastically increases the accuracy of the test and is included in the testing costs.

NOTE: If you want to test 2 brothers then you may have a cheaper option of testing only the Y chromosome, click for brother to brother testing options. If you are wishing to test only sisters, then you should click for our sister to sister page.