Do siblings share a MOTHER/FATHER?

A brother to sister (sibling to sibling DNA Test) works by testing a very large number of different DNA points (known as loci) in each person. Full siblings share a lot more DNA in common than do unrelated persons, and also, half siblings share more DNA in common than unrelated persons, but not as much as full siblings. So this test looks at the amount of DNA sharing and uses DNA statistics to evaluate the amount of DNA sharing to deduce biological relationship. Because we are evaluating the amount of DNA sharing, it is helpful to have DNA from any parents or other siblings of the persons being tested, since that drastically helps the evaluation process by allowing us to pin-point exactly which DNA is more likely to have come from each sisters Father in particular.


Legal Relationship Test

ISO 17025 Fully accredited test for recognition in law courts and government departments
We can test if you are biologicaly related for inheritance purposes
If any of the participants is under 16 years of age we will require legal consent from the guardians
  • Court approved NATA Accredited DNA Test
  • Results in 8 business days (from the reception of the samples in the lab)
  • Affordable Legal DNA Test

$799 Per Test