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Twin Zygosity Testing - $169

TWIN ZYGOSITY TESTINGFor $169 we will DNA profile both twins to see if they have the exact same DNA profile (being identical twins), or if they each have their own DNA profile (as with non-identical twins and siblings). To take this test at our unique price, you can either call us on : 0800 DNA Test (0800 362 8378), or click to order the DNA collection kit (mouth swab).

Semi-identical twins is a new discovery to science, and we have the ability to also test for these types of twins. To test for Semi-identical twins we need to analyse the DNA from both twins and both the parents

Twin Zygosity Test (testing 2 persons)
Semi-Identical Twin Test (parents + twins)

Identical Twins

Identical twins occur when a single fertilized egg splits sometime within the first few days after fertilisation. This accounts for around 30% of twins. When the young embryo splits, each half takes the exact same DNA, so identical twins have exactly the same genetic makeup.

The making of Identical Twins

  • A sperm and egg come together to share their genetic information and create a new human being.
  • The cells inside the egg divide and mulitply. Each new cell contains an exact copy of the all the DNA that makes up an individual.
  • For reasons still unknown, the embryo splits, and each half of the embryo will form into a geneticially identical individual.
  • The two twins each contain the same DNA sequences and are therefore genetically identical.


Non-identical Twins

Non-identical or fraternal twins are created by two separate eggs and two separate sperm that are fertilised during the mother's same menstrual cycle. These types of twins share half their genetic information and are no more or less similar than normal siblings.

The making of Non-identical Twins

  • Two separate eggs are created, each with their own genetic identity. These two eggs are each fertilised by a different sperm.
  • Developing together in the womb, the fraternal twins will be born at the same time. It is even possible for non-identical twins to have different fathers.