Drug Rehab Center Overland Park

Drug Rehab Center Overland Park

Treating substance abuse is different for every patient. Once a patient enters rehab, they need to be given the proper care. Using this approach to treatment ensures that the right level of care is given during admission, and there is a smooth transition to the needed level of care. Treatment is administered in several levels depending on the severity of each case. The care continuum was created to ensure uniformity as patients undergo treatment. Rehab treatment is made efficient to easily transition from one level of care to another one.

Level I

In this type of treatment, the patient needs to attend meetings regularly. At this level, patients can do their daily activities while getting one-on-one services with mental and addiction health professionals. It works well for people with a robust support system or demanding jobs. It is a cheaper alternative as well.

In level, I patients go through evaluation, treatment, and recovery services. The patient’s addiction severity is addressed, and behavioral changes are implemented. Patients can transition from the first level to a more assertive treatment. It is usually the first step for people who are not entirely ready to commit to the complete recovery program.

Level II

The second level of treatment accommodates psychiatric, medical, and psychopharmacological consultation, crisis services, and medication management. Other support services offered include transportation, vocational training, and child care. Patients are educated and counseled about substance use and mental health during this treatment. In cases where it is necessary, patients are referred to medical and psychiatric specialists. The patient gets direct access to medical and psychiatric professionals and laboratory services at this level.

Level III

During this level of treatment, patients are admitted to residential rehabs. Such treatment is appropriate for clients that need a living space to assist in recovery or those with functional deficits. Assistance and treatment are available around the clock, and the facility has staff all through. Patients can live on-site or in facilities near the drug and alcohol rehab center.

Patients are taught recovery skills, prevent relapses and better emotional functions. Professionals also assist patients in learning essential life skills that prove valuable after treatment. There are also long-term care programs that offer medium intensity and structured clinical service. It is formulated for clients with short temporary or permanent deficits due to substance abuse.

Robust treatment is provided at a repetitive and slower pace to help the patient overcome mental issues, disability, or traumatic brain injury caused by substance abuse, throughout this treatment, services such as vocational needs, transportation, and self-help meetings.

Level IV

Treatment at this level is intensive and comprehensive. There is a 24-hour medical directed assessment, care, treatment, and a daily meeting with a doctor. Rehab facilities are equipped with general care, psychiatric care, and substance abuse treatment and handle co-occurring disorders.

Once this level of treatment is done, the focus is stabilizing patients and prepping them to start a less intense level of care while monitoring their progress towards recovery. The treatment offered ensures that it is not difficult for patients to be integrated into society as they continue with recovery.

Gold Bridge Treatment Center has helped many patients overcome substance abuse disorder. Don't hesitate to contact us at 913-837-4653 to learn more about our rehab.

Drug Rehab Center Overland Park
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Drug Rehab Center Overland Park
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